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Linfield’s challenging and innovative curriculum features a broad liberal arts core. Through Linfield’s varied academic programs, we offer a rich experiential education: one that fosters intellectual curiosity and discovery, and provides opportunities in collaborative research, creative projects, internships, community service and study abroad.

Explore Linfield’s unique academic opportunities

Academic Advising

You’ll work closely with a faculty advisor and professional advising staff to chart your course during your college career. Your advising team will help you navigate all the opportunities available at Linfield.

Linfield Curriculum

The Linfield Curriculum is the core to your liberal arts education. The three components of this core teach critical thinking and communication skills and provide a rich, broad experience. You will complete approximately one-third of your courses exploring a variety of perspectives.

January Term

Use Linfield’s four-week January Term to take a deep dive into a single course, or take an off-campus course for an unforgettable educational experience abroad.

Honor Societies

Linfield and many of its departments offer national and international honor society memberships that recognize outstanding students and offer focused opportunities.

Collaborative Research

One of the biggest perks of a Linfield education is the opportunity to conduct research one-on-one with Linfield faculty. Linfield’s student-faculty research projects have been published, presented nationally and internationally, and won awards. Collaborative research will position you well for your graduate school or career aspirations.

Student Symposium

The Student Symposium is a full-day celebration of student achievement held at the end of each academic year. At the Symposium, you can present your scientific research, screen your short film, read your original creative writing, give a music or theatre performance…or come up with something new!

International Programs

Global awareness is so important to us, we pay the airfare for your first trip abroad! Use your round-trip ticket to study abroad for a semester, academic year, or a January Term off-campus course. If you are an international student studying at Linfield, you will participate in our English Language and Culture Program.

Competitive Scholarships

Linfield’s competitive scholarship advisor, with support from faculty, will help you apply for nationally competitive scholarships such as Fulbright and Rhodes Scholarships.